Watch at as’s Andrew Torba reveals how alternative tech platforms have the potential to DESTROY San Francisco’s left-tech echo chamber

When it comes to social media, remember that you’re not obligated to use the platforms run by left-wing fascists in San Francisco. There are alternatives such as that promise to uphold free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online – which could eventually make the mainstream censorship platforms obsolete.

During a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show that aired at, host Alex Jones got the chance to talk to Andrew Torba, the head of and a pioneer in online free speech. The two men discussed how the targeting of Jones and InfoWars by Apple, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and even Pinterest is creating a liberal echo chamber in which no conservative voices are allowed.

“It’s psychological manipulation,” Torba stated about how Big Tech is treating free speech these days. “They are forming this false perception, this alternate reality of what news is, and what important information is, and these algorithms have bias. They are designed and written by human beings in San Francisco who have far-left leanings, it’s just a fact.”

Jones agrees, his response designating San Francisco as “a tiny clique trying to rule all of our minds.”

The left hates conservatives, white people, Christians, Trump supporters, and free speech

When asked by Jones how the left got “turned into such a monolithic group of anti-free speech monsters,” Torba responded to explain that the left still does value “free speech,” but only the type that aligns with their own personal leftist narratives.

“They used to be pro-free speech, and now all of a sudden we see these double standards and this hypocrisy,” Torba stated about today’s liberals. “One of our users, ‘MemeAmerica,’ spent all weekend surfacing anti-white hate speech on Twitter by verified accounts, including journalists from BuzzFeed and CNN and all of these other outlets that preach about hate speech.”

“This is the culture,” Jones responded. “It’s not just [Sarah Jeong] at The New York Times saying that whites are subhuman,” he added, referring to anti-white racist and recent Times hire Sarah Jeong, whose Twitter account is littered with hate towards white people.

Torba added that his team identified “hundreds and hundreds of verified accounts” on Twitter, just in one weekend, filled with vitriol and hatred towards white people, Christians, people who support Donald Trump, and conservatives. But these are the only groups, he said, that mainstream social media platforms allow users to attack without consequence.

“This is totally allowed, as long as you’re saying something about whites or about Christians or about Trump supporters or about conservatives or about Alex Jones, you’re allowed to be hateful, you’re allowed to call for death threats, you’re allowed to say these things,” says Torba. “This is the culture they’ve created, and it’s a double standard, and it must be exposed, and we must fight back.”

Wikileaks declares San Francisco the land of “imperial cultural elite” who want to control all forms of speech and thought

Jones couldn’t agree more, having declared Silicon Valley to be full of “super-villain characters” who want nothing more than to completely eliminate all forms of speech that they don’t like or that “offends” them.

“It really is their own weird psycho bubble, and they really think they’re going to dominate all of us,” he stated, pointing to a Wikileaks entry that also declared San Francisco to be the land of the “imperial cultural elite” who think they’re better than everyone else.

“They’re morally superior, they think they’re intellectually superior, they think they know what is right for society and the direction that society should go in,” Torba explained. “They want to tell you how to think, they want to tell you how to vote, they want to tell you what you can and cannot talk about, what is real news and what isn’t. They want total control … they are recreating the internet in their image.”

“The internet, by design, routes around censorship, and that’s why we’re going to continue building, and hopefully others will rise up and continue to build alternatives so that we can escape the chains of Silicon Valley ideological echo chambers,” he added.

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