The intolerant Left celebrates the social media de-platforming of InfoWars

The fake news media is having a heyday celebrating the recent removal of Alex Jones and InfoWars from virtually every major social media platform, praising this blatant censorship and actually rubbing it in the faces of conservatives.

During a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show, available at, Alex Jones points out how the Left is dancing on the social media grave of InfoWars, lauding this illicit infringement of free speech.

“This is illegal,” Jones states during the segment.

“When you get all the tech giants together who control 90 percent of the internet … music, searches, podcasts, advertising … and they start saying the NRA can’t be on our platforms, then they start saying that Alex Jones can’t be on our platforms, then they say, oh, Trump can’t be on our platforms, then all of these Republican congress-people re-running for election, suddenly they can’t advertise when the Democrats can, and suddenly they can’t even reach out to their constituents, and suddenly they can’t even put out a campaign statement or a video (because) it gets blocked or banned.”

It’s what all of the recent congressional hearings were supposed to address, but that obviously failed miserably in stopping Big Tech from trampling all over conservative free speech rights. These tech goons can claim all they want that they’re not engaging in censorship, but the proof is in the pudding.

“Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google get up there in congressional hearings and go, we’re not blocking you at all, and the congressman the next day goes and looks and he’s totally banned. He’s shadow-banned, he’s still there, but no one can see him,” Jones says.

“And now Twitter and Facebook and Google, they’re all hiring former Obama administration officials who are even worse.”

Just to rub it in more, YouTube stamping fake news sites all over now-defunct InfoWars channel claiming they’re “related”

If this isn’t bad enough, YouTube has further been caught plastering all over the now-shuttered InfoWars YouTube channel links to allegedly “related” YouTube channels that are all fake news propaganda pages spreading disinformation and lies.

“You want to see how they rub our noses in it? Punch up where the Alex Jones channel used to be before the globalist death star blew it up,” Jones adds. “And on the tombstone they put, Saturday Night Live, they put other so-called fake news comedy shows up there, and they put Buzzfeed.”

And just why was Alex Jones removed from social media? He still doesn’t know, and none of the tech giants have even bothered to try to offer any legitimate explanation other than he supposedly violated YouTube’s “community guidelines.”

“The community’s!” Jones jokes, adding, “a bunch of shadowy leftists from the Democratic party, openly bragging that they’re going to shut us down. They run around for months doing it, lying and false-flagging, in a true sense, making up stuff I never did. And then on the tombstone, they say, here are channels that are related, which, of course, is a total lie.”

“Buzzfeed, The Tonight Show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Saturday Night Live – all the leftist garbage. So they piss on our grave and on the billions of views and the 2.5 million subscribers, and all the work about GMO and glyphosate giving you cancer, and all of the amazing interviews like Gore Vidal – my point is, what they said we were wasn’t even what we were.”

Going back into his video archive, Jones found several videos that he believes may have been the “offensive” ones, including segments in which he pointed out the perversion of having two- and three-year-old giving money to drag queens who were “shaking their rear ends in their faces.”

“I think that’s abusive to children,” states Jones.

“It’s authoritarianism, no judge, no jury, a secret group reports you, you don’t get to see what it was you supposedly did … see how everything they do is a fraud?”

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