Facebook BANS founder of #WalkAway movement to silence those who choose to leave the Democrat gulag

Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway movement is Facebook’s latest target. The social media giant just suspended his account for daring to even mention the word “InfoWars” on his public Facebook page. In a truly authoritarian fashion, Facebook monitors were quick to take action against Straka, banning his account without notice (or any real provocation).

As if the merest mention of he who shall not be named will suddenly cause an uprising, the trolls at Facebook have been censoring anyone who dares speak of Alex Jones or InfoWars. Silencing anyone for even mentioning the word “InfoWars” is a new extreme for Facebook, though it’s certainly not surprising. The social media giant hasn’t just ousted Straka for sharing a link to his live stream at InfoWars — they have launched a smear campaign to discredit his claims of censorship as “fake news,” too.

Not only is Facebook silencing conservatives, they are now actively employing left-wing media outlets to make it look like the right-wing is lying about being censored. Stamping out the conservative voice, and then employing propaganda to disparage and slander their political adversaries is just one of the strategies Nazis used to destroy democracy and gain power in Germany — and now, decades later, the tyrannical American Left is doing the same thing. Ironic, given that “Nazi” is one of the left-wing’s favorite insults to hurl at conservatives (and anyone else who disagrees with them).

Facebook takes down Straka

As The Daily Dot reports, Straka announced he’d been banned from Facebook over Twitter, and posted screenshots as proof of his suspension.

The former-Democrat-turned-activist says the ban came just before his planned march on Washington, D.C. and that Facebook cut him off from over 180,000 followers. Straka was inspired to start #walkaway after growing tired of liberal politicians using people from minority groups to secure votes, and never actually doing anything to help them.

In a statement to The Gateway Pundit, Straka said, “I’m devastated right now. WalkAway Campaign is a grassroots movement. We don’t have corporate sponsors. We don’t have backers. We are raising the money and the awareness for our event ourselves. We use GoFundMe to raise money. And today Facebook took away my ability to communicate with the 180,000 members of the campaign leading up to the March.”

As the Pundit reports, Straka’s offending post simply read: “Hey, Patriots! I’m going live on  in 15 minutes.”

That single sentence is all Facebook has to justify Straka’s suspension. But as a major social media tyrant, that’s all they really need. Now, the media is taking care of the rest.

The smear campaign begins

After news of Straka’s unceremonious suspension began to circulate, Facebook was quick to team up with a left-leaning media outlet and cover their tracks. As Big League Politics [BLP] explainsObserver journalist Davis Richardson has written a hit-piece on Straka — claiming that the outrage over his Facebook ban is based on “lies.”

Straka told BLP, “This reporter at the Observer – Davis Richardson – wrote a hit piece on me, saying that my ban was lifted and I was lying about it.” BLP reports that Richardson wrote the following statement in his Observer piece:

Later [Wednesday] evening, however, Observer received an email from a Facebook representative contradicting Straka’s narrative of Internet censorship: Although his account was temporarily blocked from posting on Wednesday, the restriction was a mistake and his page had already been restored that afternoon. Straka also received an apology from the company.

According to Straka, he never received any sort of apology from Facebook, and was never contacted about the reinstatement of his account. He says the only form of communication he’s gotten from Facebook is the generic message informing him of his suspension.

It seems that Facebook will stop at nothing to silence anyone who stands in their way, conservative or not.

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