segment reveals why Apple, Facebook, Spotify YouTube (and now Twitter) have all banned InfoWars

In responding to the recent purge of all Alex Jones-related content from social media, InfoWars‘ Paul Joseph Watson wrote a poignant article highlighting the real reasons why the biggest names in tech decided to go after Alex Jones.

In a video recap of this article, available at, Jones covers some of the main points of the article, showing how Silicon Valley has become the information and thought police of the entire world.

“Whatever San Francisco says now becomes the new norm – not New York, not London, not Paris, it’s the city of you know what, feces running down the street,” Jones states in jest. “They didn’t even tell us what the offending posts were, which sets a chilling precedent for free speech.”

Leftists upset that Alex Jones pointed out how LGBT mafia is sexualizing and abusing children

Jones himself tried to figure out why he was simultaneously banned from Apple, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and now Twitter, only to find that there was no reason – at least not a legitimate one.

“I showed little kids coming up to men dancing on stripper poles dressed like women, and little kids putting money in their g-strings,” Jones states about an article he previously covered during an episode of his show that focused on the sexualization and abuse of young children by LGBT perverts.

“If I saw little kids doing that at a heterosexual thing, I’d be freaked out by it. They called that ‘bullying’ the transexual folks,” Jones adds, highlighting the fact that calling out evil is now considered to be “bullying” and “intolerance” by the Left.

Big Tech have joined up with leftists to punish anyone who decries Sodom and Gomorrah culture of modern America

It’s what any decent human being or media outlet would do – expose the corruption of our nation’s youth by sexual deviants who apparently see nothing wrong with sexualizing children as young as possible.

“So we’re going to get two-year-olds and three-year-olds and have them pole dance, or have them give money to people pole dancing, and we’re going to sexualize your kids, and we’re going to try to make sure they have a sex operation by 10, and if you don’t let us do that, we’re going to ban you off the internet because you hate transexuals,” Jones jokes, making a point about what this censorship is all really about.

“Don’t go out to events and have kids being sexualized. That is standing up for basic humanity.”

Jones then compares the whole thing to Old Testament history, recollecting how just prior to being judged and destroyed by God for their gross perversion – which is very similar to what’s taking place in modern-day America, by the way – Sodom and Gomorrah were engaged in similar shenanigans.

“It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah … the people come to the door, and they go, let us have sex with those men you just brought in … we’re going to have sex with those dudes, they look good, and they’re like, no you can’t, and they say, we’re going to kill you – that’s what people were experiencing thousands of years ago in cities that got a little wild … and that’s what’s happening now today,” Jones says.

Other factors that contributed to Jones’ removal from social media, according to Watson, include InfoWars‘ role in helping to elect Donald Trump as president, as well as widespread efforts by Big Tech to silence all conservative content online, starting with Alex Jones.

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