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Documents put forth by The Intercept and Sky News, and obtained by InfoWars‘ Alex Jones, reveal that communist China is actively working together with Big Tech, which includes Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and many others, to censor free speech worldwide as part of a massive criminal plot known as “Operation Dragonfly.”

Jones, during a recent segment of his show that aired at, explains how there’s simply no denying anymore that Google is nefariously reinventing its search engine and other social media platforms to silence all speech and information that contradicts the globalist agenda of total mind control.

He describes it as “a public-global-corporate criminal plan, backed up by communist China, to absolutely destroy freedom worldwide, and then colonize the West with giant Third World populations that China and others will take zero from.”

“There are public plans to dismantle Western, classically liberal society (a.k.a. true conservatism), that the global technocrats are at war with. But to replace classic liberalism, you must become the modern counterfeit, or the political body-snatcher, and you must remove the real classical liberals.”

Jones: Google censorship up 10,000 percent since presidential campaign

Things were already bad just two years ago when the “deep state” attempted, but ultimately failed, to thwart the presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. But according to Jones, censorship has really been kicked into high-gear in recent weeks – so much so that many conservative voices are no longer even able to found in Google searches or on Google’s other news and information platforms.

“Google has already launched a worldwide censorship operation, scaling up censorship 10,000 percent as a dead-reckoning from what it was in the campaign, and it was bad in the campaign and documented,” Jones states.

“Twitter, Apple, Amazon – they’re all going into hyperdrive censorship. And they’re also then putting out increased levels of their own propaganda. This country is in a total war, and so is Europe. The giant Islamic invasion is in full swing, and it’s publicly admitted, to bankrupt Europe.”

Chinese/Google takeover of the planet will mean total genocide against those who resist New World Order

It’s not as though any of this is really all that surprising, seeing as how Google has been incrementally implementing its censorship protocols for some time now. But many didn’t expect that it would arrive this quickly or this aggressively, suggesting that the average person is completely aloof when it comes to paying attention to what Jones says has always been hidden in plain view.

“They’ve already been converting their worldwide search engine over to a tyranny. Twitter and Facebook have been helping in Islamic countries, with their governments, arrest ‘heretics.’ People that deny Mohammed is the prophet are picked up and taken to prison and in many cases stoned to death or beheaded,” Jones says.

“China has killed over 110 million of their own people, it’s estimated, since the revolution in 1949, backed up by U.S. and globalists academics the entire time. It’s been declassified that the CIA put them in. And now Google, in this huge data dump, is launching ‘Operation Dragonfly.'”

We’ve already exposed how Facebook has launched a new “trust ratings” system that mirrors the “social score” system being implemented in China. A Chinese person’s “social score,” assigned by the government and its technocratic, fascist allies, ultimately determines the degree to which he or she can buy and sell, as well as engage in other social and economic activities.

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