Facebook, Google and Twitter aren’t “free:” they monitor and track EVERYTHING you do – watch at REAL.video

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and the internet, social media, and phone communications are no exception. Everything you do on your computer or smartphone via “free” services is being actively monitored, tracked, and recorded into government databases for social engineering purposes.

In a recent video by Shofar Nexus, available for viewing at REAL.video, the truth is revealed about how the latest technologies are being used to enslave the world. And the most tech-saturated people are the most shackled slaves in this New World Order.

“You are being monitored, tracked, and controlled via the internet, whether you use it directly or not,” the video explains.

“Large corporations – Google, Facebook, Twitter – provide what appear to be free services. But you are the product. You are being bought and controlled. The free phone, email, video, and social media services are used to collect vast information about you, and subtly or forcibly control you.”

How willing are you to break from the matrix and reclaim your freedom?

Gaining back your freedom from these tools of mind and behavior control is a sacrifice. With most of society marching lockstep into the total surveillance state, breaking free is going to cost you, both technologically and socially.

While some emerging new services offer less tracking and censorship in their official policies, these policies can change. And in the end, your method of communicating with these services is still more than likely being tracked, even when encrypted.

“You will not be made free by policy or law, but by taking into your hands your data and your communications,” says Shofar Nexus. “The solution is technology in your hands, not those provided by others. This can be done. Do you want it?”

And this type of freedom implies a whole lot more than just choosing between Walmart or Amazon. It’s about developing a peer-to-peer mindset that cuts out the technocratic middleman and returns this power to ourselves and our neighbors.

“If lower prices or convenience is too important to make the effort to buy local, you will never be free,” says Shofar Nexus.

“Freedom in communications is the same. If lower prices, higher bandwidth, and the latest cool features are too important than to use the services from the small provider, including your physical neighbors, you will never be free.”

True freedom means living your life without being spied on

In our post-9/11 society, many people have been brainwashed into believing that we can’t have true freedom anymore because anything other than an absolutely surveillance and spying state represents a threat to “national security.” But this is a lie.

True freedom means that you have full control all information about you, including what you do, when you do it, and who you do it when. Anything short of this is freedom-lite at best, and an illusion of freedom at worst.

“When you want to hide, you should be able to hide. You should be a free individual, not a minion in the collective. Freedom has a cost,” adds Shofar Nexus.

“It is exciting to think that electronic communications can be brought to the smallest villages around the world. What actually is being done, is tracking and control. With our system, when two physical neighbors talk on the phone in a small village, anywhere in the world, it is reported to the data collection agencies. This does not have to be this way. Let’s stop it. At least for some.”

Be sure to watch the full Shofar News report on the price that comes with true freedom REAL.video.

You can also keep up with the latest news about Big Tech’s invasions of personal privacy by visiting Technocrats.news.

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